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Stop Chasing
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About Me

Hannah Bettenhausen CEO and Founder of 654 Business Strategies

As a seasoned professional with extensive experience in operations, leadership development, and strategic planning, I believe that every business has the potential to succeed and grow. Too often I see businesses struggle due to gaps in their operations, leadership, or with the integration of ideas from their visionaries. My mission is to help businesses overcome these challenges by providing customized strategies and guidance tailored to their specific needs.

What We Do

Executive Coaching

With a focus on individualized goal setting and skill development, executive coaching helps leaders identify their strengths and areas for improvement, and empowers them to make meaningful changes that positively impact their organizations. 

Organizational Alignment

These sessions help ensure that all members of the organization are working towards the same goals and objectives. It helps create a sense of unity and clarity within the organization, which is essential for success.

Vision Implementation

We work with you to nail down the most important and growth driving ideas for your business. With our experience and knowledge of vision/integrator communication and implementation we will take those ideas and offer you a road map to make them happen. All you have to decide is if you would like us to drive the road for you.

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